Permitting & Regulatory Compliance

Regardless of the scope or magnitude, regulatory compliance is at the core of all environmental projects. It is therefore one of the key factors in developing management and closure strategies.

Regulations can be comprehensive and complex, often developed to cover a wide range of activities and operations at a site. This creates challenges and opportunities for the regulated community. The challenges are to identify and understand the universe of applicable requirements. To that end, regulations often mandate preparation of detailed applications for permits to discharge certain pollutants into specific media; which, in turn, may trigger further compliance obligations on the permitted entity. These permit conditions can have substantial impacts on the financial performance and compliance record of a company.

LE Waves on Stone LR Export

Opportunities exist to establish efficient, cost-effective approaches and management systems for ensuring compliance with regulations and client business objectives. AMO’s staff has years of experience working in many different programs and jurisdictions. This experience includes an extensive and broad range of knowledge and understanding regarding our clients’ regulatory compliance needs. It also includes development of permitting/compliance strategies for multi-site or company-wide applications. The following services are commonly requested by our clients:

  • Regulatory Analysis and Interpretation
  • Permitting and Compliance Support

- RCRA/Waste Management
- Storm Water
- Wetlands and Stream Encroachment

  • Groundwater & Surface Water Monitoring and Reporting
  • Permit Analysis and Auditing

Given the broad range of issues that are covered under this category of services, please contact AMO to discuss specific details of your regulatory and permitting matters.