Geophysics Surveys

“What is geophysics?”  The simplest answer- it is the study of the Earth’s physical properties.  The next question generally asked is “So what do you do?”  Geophysical surveys use the Earth’s physical properties to investigate the subsurface, by passively listening to the Earth or by introducing a current, seismic wave, or other energy form, and then measuring the natural property’s response.  In other words- we find anomalies using the earth, ranging from sinkholes to underground storage tanks.

Geo1geo4AMO performs geophysical surveys for environmental and geotechnical applications.  Clients have included federal and state agencies, consulting firms, construction and insurance companies, and private residences.  AMO personnel have performed geophysical surveys across the United States at military bases, FUSRAP and Superfund sites, industrial facilities, landfills, brownfields, small retail facilities, and even criminal investigations.

AMO provides cost effective geophysical surveys that assist our clients in characterizing a site by reducing the risk of project delays and cost overruns due to unforeseen subsurface conditions.

geo3Surface geophysics refers to techniques at the ground surface including seismic, electrical resistivity, ground penetrating radar (GPR), electromagnetic (EM), microgravity, and magnetic surveys.  Trenches, pits, and historical landfills can be mapped quickly using the geo7EM.  Utilities and USTs are identified with GPR.  Bedrock surfaces and saturated zones can be defined using electrical resistivity imaging (ERI).

Geophysical well logging, as the name implies, is a method of measuring in situ physical properties of subsurface materials penetrated by borings or wells.  The results are typically geo2used to define lithology, correlate stratigraphy, locate and determine the orientations of bedding or fractures, locate water-producing and receiving zones. Our borehole geophysical group provides state of the art logging capabilities including a full suite of standard logging tools, the heat pulse flowmeter, and optical and acoustic televiewer.

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