Expert Witness Support

scales justice04Mr. John M. (Jay) Ash, P.G. is a licensed Professional Geologist and President of AMO. Mr. Ash graduated from Wesleyan University (Middletown, Connecticut) in 1983 and has more than 30 years of professional experience as an environmental consultant and member of the New Jersey Geological Survey. This experience has led to client requests for expert witness support that typically involves third-party review assignments which lead to written professional opinions, expert witness affidavits, depositions, and (if necessary) courtroom testimony. Perhaps as a testament to Mr. Ash’s ability to clearly and concisely present technical arguments, all of the cases in which he has served as an expert witness have been successfully settled out of court to the clients’ satisfaction.

Mr. Ralph T. Golia, P.G. is a licensed Professional Geologist and Vice President of AMO. Mr. Golia graduated from Long Island University, Southampton, New York Campus, receiving a B.S. degree in Geology in 1980; and California State University at San Jose receiving an M.S. degree in Geology in 1983. He has more than 30 years of professional experience as an environmental consultant and member of the U.S. Geological Survey. Mr. Golia’s expertise has lead to Project Coordinator and expert witness support roles on large complex CERCLA and RCRA Corrective Action sites. He counsels clients with respect to permit compliance and routinely interacts and negotiates with state and federal agencies.

Mr. Denis E. Newcomer, L.S.R.P is a Senior Associate of AMO.  Mr. Newcomer graduated from Williams College (Williamstown, Massachusetts) in 1987 with a B.A. degree in Geology, and from the University of Rhode Island (Kingston, Rhode Island) in 1991 with a M.S. degree in Geology.  He has more than 25 years of professional experience as an environmental consultant.  Mr. Newcomer has provided expert witness support concerning environmental assessment, hydrogeology and environmental remediation concerns.  He has provided written professional opinions and courtroom testimony as well as participated in depositions.

Major Petroleum Exploration/Refining Company: Mr. Ash served as Expert witness for one of world’s leading oil companies concerning the nature, extent and effects of soil and groundwater contamination at selected locations in New Jersey, New York, and Massachusetts. Assignments include investigation and assessment of hydrogeological and contaminant characteristics associated with multiple source areas. Assessments typically used to determine potential responsible parties and cleanup costs; opinions used in testimony.

Major Insurance Company: Mr. Newcomer served as a technical expert for assessment of third-party interim remedial actions and site characterization activities.  He provided his technical opinion regarding defendant’s (remediation contractor) activities associated with a home heating oil discharge.

CERCLA RP Group: Mr. Golia served as an expert witness for a RP Group concerning the potential impacts of groundwater contamination at a CERCLA site to the municipal water supply well field. Activities included review of opposing expert affidavits, review of historic data and groundwater flow models, and preparation of an affidavit. Technical information was assembled and presented to support the position of no potential impact to the well field from the site.

Motor Vehicle Manufacturing Company: Mr. Golia served as an expert witness for a large motor vehicle manufacturing company. The assignment included evaluation of historic environmental data and the development and presentation of potential future environmental liabilities associated with a large manufacturing facility. The information assembled by Mr. Golia was used in support of property tax litigation.

Major Insurance Company: Mr. Newcomer served as a technical expert and expert witness for assessment of home heating oil discharge.  He conducted soil investigation to determine impacts associated with an alleged home heating oil discharge.  He provided his technical opinion in a report and in court regarding the environmental assessment.

Dispute Resolution/Arbitration: As responsible groundwater professionals, AMO has great interest in protecting groundwater supplies. We therefore perform groundwater supply and impact assessments for parties needing to utilize the resource, and assist local townships with evaluation and regulation of groundwater supply/use.

To underscore recognition of our capabilities and objectivity, Mr. Ash was retained jointly by the Tinicum Township Board of Supervisors (Bucks County, PA) and a local developer to assess technical arguments and hydrological findings that were under debate in a particular case. His professional opinion was used by the parties to resolve the matter.