Cooper, Rose & English, Counsellors at Law

On behalf of the Environmental Department of Cooper, Rose & English, I wish to express our gratitude and appreciation for the time you spent with us on Wednesday afternoon discussing CEA and DER issues, including the fascinating GIS demonstration.

We appreciate the opportunity to be addressed by professionals of your knowledge and caliber. We sincerely hope that this will be just the beginning of a worthwhile relationship between our offices. Rick Harris was not exaggerating when he told me that your presentation was excellent.

NJ Department of Environmental Protection, ISRA Case Project Letter

BASF's consultant submitted excellent documentation for Areas of Environmental Concern (AOC's). The thoroughness of the Preliminary Investigation (PI) report has resulted in a lengthy letter, however in the opinion of the case manager it has also likely resulted in decreasing the timeframe of this case by as much as two years.

Brian Diepeveen - BASF Corporation

Thanks again for your hustle and persistence on both the technical and regulatory negotiations on this project!!! Obtaining closure for the contract area on this difficult and complex project will enable BASF's real estate department to get top market price for the property. Thanks to Paul Malmquist also for this good work on the project.

James M. Cawley, Jr., Senior Litigation Attorney - Shell Oil Company

Your assistance and the able way you prepared your expert report was invaluable and was the major reason why Shell was able to obtain such a favorable result without resorting to costly expenditures during trial.

Steve Havlik – BASF Corporation

Nice job on the ……… Assessment. You are, as you have been for the past few years, my most reliable, professional and efficient consultant. I really appreciate that you understand BASF's and my expectations with regard to your consulting services and the quality of your deliverables. I am really pleased that you "get it right the first time" and that your work requires the least amount of rework, when compared to my other consultants. That saves me from wasting time and saves BASF significant cost. I'm sure you'll keep up the good work since I'm certain you don't know how to work any other way.

John (Mark) Chamberlain – USACE Philadelphia District

The project team provided excellent quality project management, field work including contractor oversight, and technical expertise in support of this work. Work plans and reports were well written and of high quality.

All work was completed on schedule, at a fair price, and within budget.

Work was well thought out, planned, and managed. Excellent communication between contractor's project manager, field manager, and myself (USAE POC technical lead).

Crystal Simmons – Greene Co. Planning & Community Dvlpmt.

I received a call from Gianna Rosati with US EPA Mid-Atlantic Region to share the great news that Greene County was awarded not only the Assessment grant but also the Cleanup grant…I want to thank Greg [Firely] for writing two awesome grant applications that are officially AWARDS…

Rich Leuser – Lockheed Martin

AMO has consistently provided a high level of expertise in all of its personnel in the areas of geology, hydrogeology, geophysics and environmental science.

AMO’s folks are all top of the line, providing expertise to our own senior team.

Hamid Rafiee – USACE Baltimore District

AMO Environmental Decisions as a consulting firm has provided excellent service to former York Naval Ordnance Plant, a Formerly Used Defense Site (FUDS) at York, PA. AMO continues to provide quality service acceptable and consistent with and measures up to commonly accepted technical standards by government. AMO performs very well in assessing overall tasks and coordinates all activities with the Government/Harley Davidson as well as regulators, other property owners and public.  AMO’s representative has managed the trust fund very effectively and responsive to government and Harley-Davidson. He is well trusted by all parties. AMO’s communication has been very professional, timely and frank.  The timeliness of the submission of the invoices, milestones, delivery schedules, and administrative requirements are very good. The contractor’s billings are current, accurate and complete. I have been very pleased with AMO’s representative on this project and will recommend him for similar assignment in the future.