Ralph T. Golia, P.G. Principal, V.P.

Principal, V.P., Hydrogeologist

Ralph T. Golia, P.G.

Mr. Ralph T. Golia, P.G. received his B.S degree in Geology from Long Island University – Southampton College in 1980 and his M.S. in Geology from the California State University, San Jose in 1983. Mr. Golia is a licensed Professional Geologist in Pennsylvania, New York, Delaware, and Florida.

Mr. Golia has approximately 35 years of experience managing company assets and environmental liabilities for multiple industries, with emphasis on providing technical direction for comprehensive investigation and remediation programs under CERCLA, RCRA, and other state and federal regulatory programs such as Pennsylvania Act 2, NJDEP SRRA (including ISRA), NYSDEC Part 375, and TSCA. Mr. Golia routinely serves as chief negotiator with regulatory agencies on behalf of his clients. He combines technical, analytical, and business skills with leadership and problem-solving capabilities to deliver positive results. He understands and balances the various factors and dynamics that influence outcomes, including regulatory/policy, technical, financial, and community issues and public perception. Mr. Golia has managed complex, high profile projects/programs and negotiated favorable agreements and beneficial outcomes. He is an effective communicator of complex technical issues to all stakeholders.

Mr. Golia has served as Technical Manager and Coordinator for numerous projects being addressed under CERCLA and other similar programs. His experience includes work in many EPA Regions and multiple states. He has extensive experience as Project Coordinator for multi-party PRP groups, as well as representing individual companies on PRP Technical Committees. He has provided comprehensive project management including RI/FS, RD/RA, order negotiations, and development of groundwater investigation, monitoring and O&M programs. He also provides administrative and financial management for individual corporations and PRP groups.

Mr. Golia business skills are founded through his extensive management of a large (over 15 million annual gross revenue) multi-disciplinary environmental consulting firm for over 10 years. He was responsible for all aspects of the business operation including technical work, staff selection, marketing, client management, investments, and quality control.

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