Dr. James Bedison, Ph.D. Project Manager, Environmental Scientist

Environmental Scientist

Dr. James Bedison, Ph.D.

Dr. James Bedison, Ph.D. is a project manager and environmental scientist with a background in earth-systems research and environmental investigation.  James received B.S. degrees in both Chemistry and Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from Dickinson College in 2001 before receiving his Master’s (2005) and Ph.D. (2009) from the University of Pennsylvania. His Ph.D. research focused on understanding temporal biogeochemical cycling trends in forests of the Adirondack Mountain region in New York.  After completing his Ph.D., Dr. Bedison completed a postdoctoral fellowship with the late Frederick Scatena at the University of Pennsylvania where they worked to understand patterns of carbon and nitrogen storage in riparian soils throughout the coastal plain of southern New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  Subsequent to completing his graduate work, Dr. Bedison taught environmental science courses at the University of Pennsylvania for several years in the Liberal and Professionals Studies Program.

Dr. Bedison has nearly 10 years of industry experience and is focused on supporting brownfields redevelopment and revitalization projects.  Dr. Bedison specializes in coordinating and managing all aspects of brownfields redevelopment including investigation strategy and implementation, remedial design, regulatory compliance, and management under various US EPA and PADEP brownfields programs. A specialized aspect of Dr. Bedison’s brownfields work is assisting clients in identifying and applying for grant funding to support and advance their brownfields revitalization programs. He works as part of AMO’s grant-writing team which has secured over $12 million in state and federal funding for their municipal partners to support environmental assessment, remediation, demolition, site development/redevelopment, and construction projects to promote brownfields redevelopment across Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Dr. Bedison has extensive experience supporting and directing a wide range of environmental due diligence activities including the completion of preliminary assessments (New Jersey), Phase I and Phase II ESAs, along with site characterizations and investigations. Further, Dr. Bedison is responsible for completing site-wide soil and groundwater investigations and supporting remediation design and implementation in pursuit of regulatory closure under various state (e.g., New Jersey SRRA/ISRA, Pennsylvania Act 2) and Federal (e.g., CERCLA) programs. He works closely with clients, regulatory agencies, and vested stakeholders to design and execute efficient, compliant, and cost-effective site closure strategies in accordance with state and federal regulations.  He has experience working on myriad sites including, but not limited to, former mine-scarred land, service stations, former and active chemical manufacturing facilities, active industrial sites, and commercial properties for both public and private clients.

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