John M. (Jay) Ash, P.G.  President

President & Co-Founder

John M. (Jay) Ash, P.G.

Mr. John M. (Jay) Ash, P.G. is President and co-founder of AMO. He received his B.A. in Earth Science from Wesleyan University in 1983 and has approximately 35 years of professional experience.

Mr. Ash is a licensed Professional Geologist in Pennsylvania, New York, Delaware, Kentucky and Tennessee. He is also a Licensed Site Remediation Professional (LSRP) in New Jersey.

As an environmental hydrogeologist, Mr. Ash’s primary areas of expertise include: environmental investigation and remediation; fate and transport modeling; and planning and management of contaminated site closures. He develops many of his projects to support decisions regarding potential long-term environmental liabilities. Such analyses of potential risk are developed using statistically-based plans and data. Final decisions regarding related sampling plans and/or remedial limits are fine-tuned based on collaboration with stakeholders and respective tolerance(s) for risk.

Mr. Ash has assisted clients with successful insurance cost recovery claims and property tax assessment adjustment claims. He has assisted clients in successful negotiation of property acquisition/divestiture programs. His assignments often involve third-party review and evaluation of work performed by others. His assignments have sometimes demanded professional opinions during testimony.

In addition to environmental (hazardous materials) work, Mr. Ash has designed, directed, and completed several groundwater resource projects. The scope of these projects has ranged from groundwater supply and impact assessments to development of groundwater recharge models for relatively large geographic areas.

Mr. Ash has designed and managed multi-media investigation/remediation projects in northeastern, mid-Atlantic, southeastern, and mid-western states. He has also directed projects in Mexico, Canada, Asia, and Europe. His most recent project work has been conducted in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, and Michigan. This work affords him familiarity with USEPA Superfund, USEPA RCRA, state/federal Enforcement, and other agency programs such Pennsylvania Act 2, NJDEP SRRA (including ISRA), Michigan Part 201, and NYSDEC Part 375/703 to name some.

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