Operating Principles

OGconceptsAMO (Ash, Malmquist & Others) was founded in 2002 to provide choice technical consulting services that are cost effectively focused toward closing environmental concerns. We proudly serve many of the largest and well known businesses in the world.

As our name implies, AMO’s operating principle is to help clients make informed and responsible environmental decisions. We initiate the decision process by first asking the question, ‘what is the overall closure objective?’ We then explore potential environmental obligations, technical methodologies, public/regulator perception, and liabilities (among other things) that may be tied to achieving the closure objective.

Collaboration, innovation, management of uncertainty, and commitment to quality are characteristics used to describe the way we do business.

Collaboration – Environmental decisions are best determined through capitalizing on the combined knowledge of client and AMO resources. As dictated by project needs, we also collaborate with specialized-service professionals with whom we are allied.

Innovation – AMO applies emerging technologies where appropriate and feasible. We also stress creativity during application of existing technologies, computer software, investigative methods, and evaluation techniques. We have developed and applied innovative methods on several projects that have resulted in significant savings relative to more traditional methods employed by our competitors. Based on experience with federal and state regulatory programs, many of our innovative strategies capitalize on regulatory flexibility.

Managing Uncertainty – Uncertainty is inherent to environmental programs and related analyses. AMO works with its clients to determine closure strategies based on the desired level of uncertainty (or long-term risk) deemed acceptable for particular sites or potential areas of environmental concern. We utilize geographic information system (GIS) and statistical tools to assess environmental data in consideration of the acceptable level of uncertainty.

Descriptions of the services AMO provides are provided in the following pages. We close projects and are proud of our accomplishments. As our clients will attest, AMO’s work meets their strategic and business objectives through informed environmental decisions. As a result, we have long-standing partnering relationships with nearly all of our clients, and we are viewed as a valued resource and an integral member of their environmental teams.